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Features that are included at the top of Monitoring

Here you will be able to Monitor the uptime percentage of your site. Will be able to monitor avg. resonse time in mili seconds and number of incidents happened during a particular period of time.







The App


Initally you will find youself in the dashboard. I will show all the data unless non of the features were created as in the image here. Monitor can be created both from adding the plus create monitor button or from going to the monitor tab. Its an easy to use app, you will get the hang of it in no time.


Enhancing Web Stability and Performance

Empower Your Digital Presence with Robust Site Uptime Monitoring Features

Real-time Monitoring

Continuous, real-time monitoring of websites to detect downtime or performance issues as soon as they occur.

Multi-Protocol Support

Ability to monitor websites using different protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and ICMP to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Multiple Checkpoints

Global distribution of monitoring checkpoints to simulate user access from various locations, helping identify regional outages or latency issues.

Alerting and Notifications

Customizable alerting mechanisms (email, SMS, push notifications) to promptly notify administrators or relevant personnel when downtime or performance degradation is detected.

Performance Metrics

Monitoring and reporting on key performance metrics such as response time, page load time, and server response codes to provide insights into website performance.

Historical Data and Reporting

Storage of historical data for performance trends and the ability to generate reports, facilitating analysis and decision-making.

SSL/TLS Certificate Monitoring

Monitoring the validity and expiration of SSL/TLS certificates to ensure secure connections and prevent service disruptions due to expired certificates.

Customizable Monitoring Intervals

Allow users to customize the frequency of monitoring checks based on their specific needs, balancing the need for real-time updates with minimizing resource consumption.

Integration with External Services

Integration capabilities with external services such as third-party analytics tools, incident management systems, or communication platforms to streamline workflows.

Downtime Analysis and Root Cause Identification

Tools for analyzing downtime incidents, providing detailed reports on the possible causes, and suggesting actions for resolution.

Always Accesible

Stay informed about any interruptions in your monitors’ availability. Receive instant email notifications detailing when and for how long your monitors became unavailable, enabling you to take prompt action to resolve issues and minimize downtime.
feature incidents

Why choose us

Choose for Your Uptime Monitoring Needs offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring your website’s uptime and receiving timely notifications. With robust analytics and customizable Status Pages, you can effortlessly track your online assets’ performance and showcase it beautifully to your audience. Choose us for reliable uptime monitoring and stay informed to ensure your digital presence always shines.

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Advanteges of our app

Unlocking the Power of Advantages at a Glance

Custom domains for branding, instant downtime alerts, and inclusive analytics make us your go-to choice for website monitoring.

Advantages of our app gif

Custom domains

Custom domains enhance site monitoring.

Downtime alerts

Instant alerts for site downtime.

Analytics included

Includes site uptime monitoring analytics.


Status pages

Be transparent with your visitors and show display your monitors stats beautifully.
feature-Custom HTTP requests

Custom HTTP requests

Request method, request body, basic auth & custom request headers.

feature-Custom HTTP responses

Custom HTTP responses

Set & expect a certain response from your monitors.

feature-Email notifications

Email notifications

Get instant notifications when your tracked services go up or down.



Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.

feature-Custom domains

Custom domains

Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones.

We offer five types of notifications

Be the first to get notified for your sites downtime

Discover our versatile notification system, providing five distinct alert types to suit your needs. With our proactive service, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, receiving immediate notifications for any downtime on your websites. Your online presence is our priority, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

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